The Pixar Story

Today I watched the video documentary of one of the most innovative company’s in the world, Disney-Pixar.

The Pixar Story tells the adventure of a handful of dreamers with a vision to create films the world would enjoy using some the most advanced techniques in digital animation.

What amazed me most about this story, was the drive of the leaders and creators to not settle.  Even after four monumentally successful films, the leaders knew they needed to press on and raise the bar even higher.

My take away…

As church leaders (or and other organization), we should never settle for the status quo, or think we have “arrived”.  I never want to come to place where I quit striving to learn and improve.

Your Thoughts?

Conference Envy???

It seems there are more conferences for church leaders out there, than budget to go.  If you’re like me, you work in a church with little or no conference budget as a result of the economic downturn.  So what do you do?

Well, thanks to the ever growing media indistry, it is possible to watch via live stream, conferences from all over the world.  I appreciate so much the many church leaders that host these conferences, and provide “a view in” for all that can’t make the trip.

I titled this post “conference envy” because I have an ever growing list of conferences I’d love to attend.  I want to be student for the rest of my life; always seeking to learn more and more.  The few conferences I have been to have done wonders to both inspire and refresh.  But, when you can’t make the trip in person, most are a click away.

Here are a few that have broadcasted their conference in the past:





The Next Generation

I have a unique position at my church. I have the privilege of leading worship and giving creative direction to the contemporary worship service as well as the high school student ministry. This puts me in a role where I’m working with leaders at many different levels in their journey. I feel this is my biggest calling: investing in the next generation. I feel like God has given me much training and gifting, so I feel responsible to hand off all I have to others. I’ve joked often about the student ministry band being the “minor leagues” and the contemporary service being the coveted “pros”. I joke, but its true… the high school worship leaders are at such a raw and untrained point in their journeys. They need coaching and training and someday are gonna be in a position to pass on what they have learned.

I stood in the back of the youth center tonight and watched as two of our students led their peers in worship to the Lord. Were they at the top of their game? No. But, they were used in a mighty way tonight. And, I know that they are gonna grow through tonight’s experience and the nights to come. I am grateful to be a part of that.

To worship pastors: Invest in the student ministry worship bands and other leaders that are rough around the edges. They are the future of the church. Help them along their journey.

Simple Start

I have been serving in ministry for over 6 years and yet I am just getting started.  My journey of ministry began in college as a worship leader and intern to the YA ministry of our church.  I look back on those years as being foundational and exciting.  I can remember feeling like a sponge, soaking up as much leadership teaching as I could.  To this day and forever I will be a student – continually learning and growing.  I now serve on staff as the worship leader for the contemporary worship service as well our High School student ministry.

I know I’m late to the blogging world… but can’t wait to enter the conversation.  Much more to come…